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Nicks Art Stuff

Original Paintings and Sculptures direct from the Artist

Nick Clark is a challenging individual to define. His personality is defined as outgoing, happy, gregarious at one moment and then solitary, melancholic and distant at the next. His art too changes in style medium and concept with equal fluidity as the mood takes him. Simplistic paintings of flowers and trees followed by intriguing pure abstracts followed by sculptures in concrete and steel.

The studio he built into his attic is rarely tidy but often busy with art hanging for weeks while he decides if it is for the gallery or to be painted over and repurposed. There are also a wide variety of materials and tools beyond the obvious paints and brushes from scales to ensure the accuracy of paint blends to a blow torch for who knows what!


All visits to view the gallery or meet the artist need to be booked and confirmed in advance. This simply requires an email or phone conversation to agree a mutually suitable time. Weekends are normally best and nothing before 10am but weekdayus and evenings are alwayts an option, especially for group talks or when discussing a possible commission. The process for commissions is quite straight forward. You meet to discuss the style, theme, size and colour pallete. From this we can agree a price, not too much higher than that for Nicks existing works. If the piuece is particularly large as seen in the featured photograph, a small sample peice may be painted first to double check that everyone is agreed on what will be delivered but for smaller pieces this is not required. Either way, a 50% non-refundable payment is made to start the painting and the final 50% is paid on acceptance. If you do not feel that the painting is suitable and cannot be made suitable then the artist retains the painting and you retain the second payment. There may be a small fee for the talks and presentations to cover costs and also the time required to properly prepare but this will always be clearly stated and agreed in advance so there are no nasty surprises for either side.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Ideally I would love you to come to visit me and collect your art in person in sunny Southampton but I understand that this is not practical for all people.

If art does need to be shipped to you it will be in a cardboard box well wrapped and protected from damage and delivered via a trusted courier to your address of choice. The shipping costs I charge do not actually cover the true costs but they help. Please keep the box in case you choose to return the piece for what ever reason.

If this is being shipped as a present I will ensure my wife does the decorative wrapping and we can include a special message on request. Please just email me the details.

Return & Exchange Policy

The painting may be returned at any point during the first month for a full refund without issue assuming it is not damaged.

At any point thereafter it can be returned for either a 50% refund or as part payment for a different painting.

All payments will be made immediately after inspection of the piece for damage which is normally on the day of receipt.

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