Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

I would rather think of you as friends than as customers and my customer care policy will always try to reflect that.


If you email a question, comment or criticism I will always try to respond the same day.  I am, however,  both an artist and a wage slave. This means I will not always be available during the working day so please accept my apologies if I do not reply until the evening.

Wholesale Inquiries

I am a single artist working in the evenings and weekends to produce unique and interesting pieces. If you want wholesale the try elsewhere. Sorry.

Privacy & Safety

I fully respect your privacy and have no plans to sell your data to anyone. In fact I don't know what data of yours I would have. All of the payment stuff on this site is taken care of by Wix so I don't get to see your credit cards etc.

I probably won't even email you unless of course you have contacted me with an enquiry.

Payment Methods

Email me to discuss but basically :

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments