Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Ideally I would love you to come to visit me and collect your art in person in sunny Southampton but I understand that this is not practical for all people.

If art does need to be shipped to you it will be in a cardboard box well wrapped and protected from damage and delivered via a trusted courier to your address of choice. The shipping costs I charge do not actually cover the true costs but they help. Please keep the box in case you choose to return the piece for what ever reason.

If this is being shipped as a present I will ensure my wife does the decorative wrapping and we can include a special message on request. Please just email me the details.

Return & Exchange Policy

The painting may be returned at any point during the first month for a full refund without issue assuming it is not damaged.

At any point thereafter it can be returned for either a 50% refund or as part payment for a different painting.

All payments will be made immediately after inspection of the piece for damage which is normally on the day of receipt.